UniServer at ISPASS 2019

The UniServer project will present two papers at ISPASS 2019 and one of these has been nominated for a best paper award.

The ISPASS conference will be held in Madison Wisconsin March 24-26 2019.

Researchers Paul Whatmough, Shidhartha Das and David Bull, all from project partner ARM and Yiannakis Sazeides and Zacharias Hadjilambrou from project partner University of Cyprus will present their paper

GeST an Automatic Framework for Generating CPU Stress-Tests

The paper, which has been nominated for a best paper award, proposes a framework for automatic stress-test generation.

The second paper presented by UniServer researchers at ISPASS 2019 is

Assessing the Effects of Low Voltage in Branch Prediction Units

The authors of this paper are:

Athanasios Chatzidimitriou, George Papadimitriou,
Dimitris Gizopoulos (University of Athens)
Shrikanth Ganapathy, John Kalamatianos (AMD Research)

The paper explores how low-voltage SRAMS in the Branch prediction unit (BPs + BTB) affect the system operation in terms of power, performance and energy.

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