Our proposition for prevailing over the various challenges and achieving the full potential of Big Data and enabling the IoT evolution is a universal architecture and software ecosystem. The embodiment of this novel universal ecosystem is a new class of server software we refer to as UniServer.

The use of UniServer enables the following salient attributes:

  1. high performance able to satisfy quality of service requirements of any Internet Service,
  2. easy to deploy to both traditional cloud data-centres as well as to data-centres in a box deployed at the edge of the cloud,
  3. highly energy efficient to reduce the capital and operating costs of traditional cloud data-centres but also to facilitate the utilization near the sources of data using a home power distribution network without the need for expensive and complicated cooling infrastructure,
  4. supporting an easily programmable system software stack consisting of a virtualization environment that can seamlessly combine fog resources with the resources in a backbone cloud,
  5. process the data reliably and securely without compromising their privacy and potential confidential nature.

To realize the above UniServer attributes we have set out the following main objectives:

  • Objective-1 Enable energy efficient operation at the edge of the cloud
  • Objective-2 Shave the safety margins by exposing intrinsic heterogeneity
  • Objective-3 Develop error resilient system software for exploiting operation at extended margins
  • Objective-4 Demonstrate the potential and explore UniServer trade-offs for various cloud and edge applications

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