University of Cyprus

The University of Cyprus

The University of Cyprus was established in 1989. The University is a vigorous community of scholars engaged in the generation and diffusion of knowledge. Despite its brief history, the University of Cyprus has earned the respect of the international academic community and has been highly successful in attracting highly competitive research ERC, FP and Horizon grants. UCY is the largest University and main research organisation in Cyprus. The Department of Computer Science hosts approximately 90 faculty, research and teaching staff members, 35 Ph.D. and 72 M.Sc. students. The Department is research oriented with an overall rate of more than 100 publications yearly, 32 Ph.D. graduates in the last six years, and a participation in over 230 research projects with a total funding received of more than 30 MEuros in the last 10 years.

The UniServer activities will be carried out by Computer System and Architecture Researchers currently represented by six faculty members, a post-doc, more than seven PhD students, and several masters and undergraduates. The expertise and contributions lie in several areas including: multi-cores, interconnection networks, programmable logic, data-centre TCO modelling, power and temperature aware architectures, fault-tolerance, and performance evaluation and benchmarking. Several of the research activities are done in collaboration with groups in industry and academic institutions in Europe, Israel, and USA, and are funded from various sources including: European Union FP7, Intel, Cyprus Research Foundation, Greece-Cyprus Bi-National Research Cooperation Programme (INTEREG) and University of Cyprus. Currently, the Department has been continuing and strengthening its collaborations with other universities and research institutions all over the world.

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