UniServer presentations at the ARM 2017 Summit

The UniServer project will be showcased through three talks in the ARM Summit on Wednesday 13th Sept at the
Arm Summit in Cambridge, U.K.

Talks will be streamed live and can be viewed at this link

Prof. Dimitris Gizopoulos will be presenting the latest findings on HW characterization at 9:00 a.m. BST in the
Large Scale Systems Session. The talk is entitled: Energy Efficiency in ARMv8-Based Microservers by Hardware
Margins Identification

Dr. Charles Gillan will be presenting the principles and initial findings on the overall Uniserver project
at 11:15 am BST in the Collaborative Research Projects Workshop.

Prof. Christos Antonopoulos will be presenting the latest developments on System Software at 2:30 pm BST in the
Servers Session. The talk is entitled: Reliability-Aware System Software Support on Arm Microservers

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