Tutorial by University of Athens at ACM/IEEE MICRO 2018

The University of Athens (UoA) partner in the UniServer project will present a tutorial on Sunday 21 October at the ACM/IEEE MICRO 2018 symposium (ACM/IEEE International Symposium on Microarchitecture) which is taking place in Fukuoka, Japan. More details about the symposium are at this link ….

The title of the tutorial is: Energy Efficient Computing in Multicore CPUs: Design Margins and Variability. Read more at this link ….

The presentation will explain the main challenges of the massive process of characterization and identification of the design margins. The focus will be ARMv8 multicore CPUs (X-Gene 2 and X-Gene 3 of AppliedMicro – now Ampere Computing) voltage margins and variability characterization and corresponding energy savings.

Furthermore, the presenters will discuss accurate and fast margins characterization, system services to expose the hardware behavior to software layers, and modeling in simulators. More details for the contents of the tutorial can be
found here.

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